Sartec is member of the Saras: large experience made available to our customers

Sartec, established in 1996, is the engineering, industrial services and technology development of the Saras Group.


develops and supplies effective solutions and services based on leading edge technology for oil refining, petrochemical, chemical and energy industry and for the environmental sector.


employs 150 people, mainly industrial engineers with academic degree/PhD.

Sartec assets

State of the Art Laboratory for chemical analysis
Hydrocraking and HDS pilot plant
Staging area for the construction of instrumentation cabinets, monitoring systems and process packages
DCS platform for applications development, off-line testing and training

Sartec proposition


Due to a wide experience in homecompany refinery: 300.000 B/D refinery integrated with petrochemical plant and IGCC unit; Nelson Complexity Index 10; high conversion capacity units (FCC, Visbreaking, mild-Hydrocracking).


Sartec can provide a wide range of services to oil refining and large industrial units:

Refinery assessment and quick wins

Profitability and Performance Improvement


Energy optimization

Process automation and control

Technical Assistance – Troubleshooting

Reliability and Maintenance optimization

Project Development and Execution supervision

Skid Package units and EPCM revamping projects

Environmental engineering

27 April 2017

strategic consulting

27 April 2017

planning & scheduling

27 April 2017

project development

27 April 2017

environmental engineering

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