We have a strong focus on environmental sustainability and the rational use of energy.

We have been accredited by ICIC, Rome, a quality certification body for the construction services sector

as an Energy Service Company (ESCo)

conforming to CEI UNI EN 11352:2014

We develop and implement

energy efficiency projects,

from basic design to installation; we also handle applications for obtaining White Certificates or Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC), and the sale of those certificates on the energy market.


We handle the whole package of activities for obtaining Energy Efficiency Certificates* following energy saving actions, including submission of the Proposed Project and Metering Programme (PPMP).

After submission of the PPMP, we handle the EEC reporting process.

EECs are issued for a period of 5 years; during the project’s useful life we submit the Applications for Savings Verification and Certification (ASVC), together with the documentation proving the results obtained.

The EECs are issued, subject to the authorisation of the Energy Services Operator (GSE**), by the Energy Market Operator (GME) to distributors and accredited ESCOs.

White certificates, also known as “Energy Efficiency Securities” (EECs), are tradable securities certifying the achievement of energy saving in the final uses of energy through energy efficiency measures and projects.
The white certificate system was introduced into Italian legislation by the Ministerial Decrees of 20 July 2004 and subsequent amendments. The system sets specific quantitative targets of primary energy savings, expressed in tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) to be achieved by electricity and natural gas distributors each year.
One certificate is equal to the saving of one tonne of oil equivalent (toe).
The Energy Services Operator (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici – GSE S.p.A.) is an Italian company limited by shares owned by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. It promotes sustainable development through the technical-engineering upgrading and verification of renewable energy installations and high-efficiency CHP installations. GSE also measures and certifies the savings generated by energy efficiency projects under the White certificate/Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC) scheme, and it promotes the generation of thermal energy from renewable energy sources (Thermal Account).
We also handle the subsequent sale of the EECs obtained.

The energy efficiency improvement projects implemented by the SARAS Group have earned it more than 450,000 EECs.

Currently, the SARAS Group ranks as the third industrial operator in Italy for EECs obtained.

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