Oil & gas sector

Insist Avtomatika
Insist Avtomatika operates in the field of automation, providing a wide range of services for the development of and support to process control systems for industries.
The Russian oil & gas market is a steadily growing sector.
The main Russian companies operating in the oil & gas, energy and chemical sectors are developing technological improvement strategies to optimise plant efficiency. This creates demand for automation engineering and advanced process control engineering, as well as environmental performance improvement solutions.


We struck a partnership agreement with Russian company Insist Avtomatika at the MIOGE exhibition in Moscow.
The agreement sets out a common technical and commercial development strategy in the sector of automation engineering and advanced process control.
Under this agreement, SARTEC will handle the development of advanced process control, control room engineering, and the supply of process and environmental analysis and measurement systems.
Moreover, Insist Avtomatika will market the portfolio of SARTEC products, services and technologies on the Russian industrial market.

Innovative technologies sector

University of Cagliari
Department of Mechanical Engineering

The DIMCM offers a bachelor’s degree program (chemical engineering and mechanical engineering), a master’s degree program (chemical and biotechnology process engineering, mechanical engineering) and several PhDs (biomedical engineering, mechanical design, industrial engineering, international engineering and environmental sciences, international sciences and technologies for innovation).
The Department is also engaged in basic and applied research, consultancy and services for cultural heritage, bioengineering, mass transport phenomena, energy and momentum, reaction and chemical reactors engineering, electrochemical, energy and environmental engineering, engineering of mechanics of materials and structures, production system optimisation, design of systems and equipment for mechanical, chemical and materials engineering, materials science and technology, control systems, instrumentation and robotics, processing and assembly technologies and thermodynamics.

Sardegna foreste
Sardinia’s Forestry Agency Fo.Re.S.T.A.S. implements forestry and environmental management projects to improve update and boost forestry policies. It focuses in particular on innovation and the economic and social outputs of the woodland heritage and its products.
Its activities include management of forest, of coastal and inland wooded areas, of the woodlands included in the regional ecological network and of the region’s hiking trail network, maintenance of the rural environment, civil protection and wildfire protection, research, innovation, technology transfer and training.


We have signed a research agreement with the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Sardinian Forestry Agency on cogeneration systems based on woody biomass.

Techedge helps organisations become more agile by fully exploiting the value of information technology at every stage of business transformation.
Techedge provides agile business solutions and IT services that stem from its unique ability to combine business advisory, technology expertise and passion for innovation.
The business solutions it offers its clients allow them to discover and exploit opportunities to gain a long-term competitive hedge through the perfect balance between governance and innovation.

BCG has pioneered a new approach to business management.
For 50 years now, it has helped organisations to make the changes needed to gain a competitive edge and consolidate it. BCG constantly challenges the business as usual view and gives companies the courage to move beyond past practices and find new solutions.
The innovative ideas developed by BCG become business principles. Over the years they have contributed to deep strategic innovations, making BCG an undisputed leader in the field of corporate strategy and management consulting.
Through collaboration with customers and comprehensive grasp of business strategy and organisational dynamics, BCG experts have helped industry leaders to recognise and respond quickly to change, helping them to seize new competitive opportunities.

Energy saving, renewable sources and smart cities sector

ASSOESCo is the community of Italian companies that promote, implement and facilitate the financing of energy efficiency interventions in order to reduce the environmental and economic impact of energy consumption for energy end users and for the country.
Within the association we find not only ESCo – Energy Service Companies, but also operators that supply hardware and other technologies that provide consulting and integration services, all however sharing the same efficiency as a mission of the activity.
The associates believe in the added value that comes from sharing experiences and pursuing common goals in order to increase the sensitivity of all potential stakeholders towards energy efficiency and stimulate market growth.
ASSOESCo is associated with CSIT – Confindustria Innovative and Technological Services and therefore has access to the services of the largest business association in the country.


With ASSOESCo we have signed a collaboration agreement that provides for the development of an integrated offer of solutions with reference to the industrial, civil and public administration sectors.

Other partners



A-Key Group




Mtell – Aspentech

Pluribus One


Sardinia’s Regional Department of Agriculture

Confindustria Sardegna – Industrialists’ Association of Sardinia

CREATE Unique (Clab)

CRS4 – Regional Research Centre

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

University of Cagliari

University of Naples – Federico II

University of Salerno



API Anonima Petroli Italiana

A.R.P.A. Campania

A.R.P.A. Lombardia

A.R.P.A. Arpa Puglia

A.R.P.A. Valle d’Aosta

A.R.P.A. Veneto

Autorità Portuale di Cagliari

Basf Italia

C.N.R. Centro Nazionale Ricerche

J.R.C. – Joint Research Centre

Comune di Cagliari



Ente Foreste Regione Sardegna




Gicotecnica Canada

Gruppo ISA

Heineken Italia

HitachiIndustrial Engineering



Huntsman P&A Italy



I.N.F.N. – Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare

Ineos Manufacturing


Isab Raffineria di Priolo



ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco Milano

Pall Italia


Provincia di Terni




Solvay Chimica Italia

Solvay Rosignano




Università degli Studi di Milano

Università degli Studi di Palermo