Ours is a dynamic, constantly evolving company


Our facilities have a covered floor space of 2,800 m2, including 1,400 m2 of laboratories, 300 m2 of pilot plant facilities and 1,100 m2 taken by offices, industrial supplies and services, maintenance and assembly.


Our key strength is our people


We work with a team of some 150 professionals, specialists and project managers, with first-rate expertise in the fields of industry and the environment, able to deliver highly complex multidisciplinary projects, also for international clients.

Environmental laboratories and oil laboratory


SARTEC’ s laboratories are a core component of our operations.

They support and accompany environmental projects, studies and activities and provide a wide range of testing solutions for the oil industry.

SARTEC laboratories are highly reliable for environmental and oil tests and analyses thanks to their vast experience in the industrial sector


The analyses of air, water, soil, waste, emissions and occupational hygiene support and complete our environmental engineering projects, studies and activities.


Our pilot plants allow us to reproduce the behaviour of large-scale industrial plants to test products and processes before their release on the market.


We design, produce and install instruments for the efficiency and safety of industrial plants.


The Operator Training Simulators (OTS) simulate industrial processes for effective training of control room operators in running a plant and responding to emergency situations.