We provide software application design, deployment and maintenance services for the control of industrial processes, as well as training and consultancy services to optimise plant operation.

Our commitment to implementing advanced control and optimisation systems, with payback times of just a few months, enables our clients to achieve significant results.

Our control services include

We analyse process control configuration and data to assess the performance of base control and we make the appropriate improvements, including control design upgrades and loop tuning. The development of base control is often quite inexpensive, delivering immediate monetary benefits and constituting the first step for the success of any advanced control and optimisation system.

We design and implement traditional advanced process control solutions that improve the process control performance delivering greater robustness and response to process disturbances. Implementation of traditional advanced process control systems does not require additional investments and has fast payback.

We employ advanced multivariable process control, associated with traditional advanced control and with the development of inferential estimators, to implement plant control and optimisation system.

We have built up considerable experience in the main commercial multivariable control platforms:
Profit controller RMPCT (Honeywell) and DMCPlus (Aspentech).

We offer the services necessary to

maintain sustained optimum performance of control applications

performance monitoring and tuning of base, advanced and multivariable control

upgrading of the existing control applications following revamping of plant and equipment, changes in process conditions or in production targets

development of Operator Training System (OTS): dynamic plant simulation systems, operator training, support in designing the training scenarios to be presented on the simulator and assistance in the delivery of training

advice and support in drafting process control development and innovation plans, with assessment of expected benefits and payback period.


A common problem at production plants is alarm overload (too many alarms) on the operating consoles of the Distributed Control System (DCS): while new control systems allow improvement of process control, on the downside they lead to over-alarming.

We have developed innovative and state-of-the-art solutions, which minimise the consequences of plant upsets on plant profitability and improve significantly safety and environmental impact.
Alarm management services

Assessment and monitoring of alarm system performance and identification of the most frequent and continuous bad actors (inhibited alarms)

Development of alarm philosophy and actions on the bad actors identified, to improve management of the alarms recorded during the normal operation of process units

Systematic rationalisation of the alarm system and maintenance of results to improve alarm management during particular operational upsets

Training on correct alarm management


In stable and robust control systems, operators will rarely be required to handle malfunctions:

to ensure they are prepared to respond to possible process upsets,
we have developed an Operator Training Simulator (OTS)

which reproduces dynamically and realistically the configuration and operation of a plant (control loop, alarm system, outage)
and trains the operator to analyse and interpret the alarm sequences and event chains that can cause plant outage or hazardous situations and
to respond promptly with appropriate actions to restore normal plant operations.


Reduce the training period
of control room operators, plant operators, process operators and supervisors


Higher profit margins
thanks to the higher safety level and reduction in plant outages and system upsets


Essential tool
for testing and assessing new control strategies or alarm configurations without affecting the process unit


Same graphic interface and architecture
as the standard Distributed Control Systems (DCS) used in plant control consoles


Lower price tag, more flexible
and more customisable than all other systems on the market


Sartec has developed in-depth knowledge and experience
of processes and process units control through its work at the Sarlux refinery

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