Sartec and Techedge

have combined their specific competencies

to develop an integrated management support platform

for the process industry targeting both the Italian and international markets.

The platform is inspired by the most recent developments in architecture and objectives


Provide decision support not limited to the process area but spanning the whole organisation, including asset management

Guarantee integrated “big data” management, collecting and correlating all the information from the various business areas

Use of open source or low cost state-of-the-art applications facilitating data processing by users and development and maintenance not dependent on the solution provider

Use of robust data analytics tools to improve value generation

All information is accessible at all times on multiple devices, including mobile devices

The new Sartec-Techedge platform offers a solution maximising positive impact on the management process and on business

More effective supervision of the production process

Smoother, leaner management of the reporting process, freeing up your qualified human resources for more value added activities

Provision of asset management data for managing integrity operating windows and assessing equipment stress

Dynamic database of plant constraints, interfaced with planning/scheduling tools

Real-time monitoring of achievement of production targets, reporting of constraints and margins for improvement, also on the DCS

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