We implement technological solutions in the field of process analysis,

by integrating systems in pressurised cabins with HVAC systems and/or conditioning only systems, of various types and sizes.

The process analysis systems, entirely designed by Sartec,

include, besides the housing, all sample pre-treatment and treatment systems, as well as auxiliary systems such as sample extraction systems, calibration systems, measure validation systems etc.

The entire design process of the sample treatment system uses

3D software

to give customers a clear view of the final product and allow them to add their input in the design process, especially with regard to maintenance and operation aspects.

We work with proprietary software
to size the fast loop in order to ensure the sample is sufficiently representative with regard to our customers’ measurements needs.
Sartec’s activities include:

feasibility studies and budgeting

front-end engineering and detailed design for the installation

design and construction of the analysis system

ATEX certifications (if applicable)

control room engineering and configuration

commissioning and start-up

post-sales support

full maintenance service


ammonia and TOC (total organic carbon)

sulphur in petrol and diesel

calorific value

H2S in fuel gas

methanol in etherification plant

hydrocarbons in cooling water

H2 purity in IGCC plant

chromatographic system to determine syngas composition in IGCC plant

MHC: H2, H2S, HC, amines

CO/CO2 in fuel gas

Wobbe index measurement in fuel gas

HF fence line

process gas chromatography to measure miscellaneous chemical industry analytes (ENB, VNB, Ethylene, hydrogen, various hydrocarbons, etc.)

continuous photometric analysis of ethylene concentration in the process

measurement of oxygen concentration in flare gas using TDL (Tunable Diode Laser) technology

gas chromatograph with sparger to extract the water-dissolved gaseous analyte

analysis of total sulphur in syngas

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