The advanced qualifications, expertise and integration capacities of our multidisciplinary team

coupled with our robust logistics structure enable us

to design and produce proprietary products

and guarantee their timely and efficient maintenance.

Sampling devices are units designed to collect product samples safely and without affecting the environment.

We produce an original line of samplers for process fluids meeting the following requirements:

conforming to current legislation on safety in sampling operations

conforming to the PED and ATEX Directives

minimum environmental impact of sampling operations (e.g. for gaseous or volatile hydrocarbons)

highest reliability of the collected sample

easy sampling procedures minimising the risk of human error

The standards and models we have developed ensure simple and fast sample collection, as the whole procedure is reduced to a single manoeuvre. Sampling can be performed with glass bottles (liquid samples) or with canisters (gaseous samples).

We also design and develop “customised” applications for specific uses, such as non-standard sampling volumes or different process fluids. Moreover, we design a maintenance plan, to ensure sustained high reliability of the devices over time.

We design and construct automated valves, sensitive to the different densities of two fluids, useful in applications in which hydrocarbons and water are present.

We have developed two standard models:

RTD (Roof Tank Drainer) valve for draining rainwater from the roofs of the hydrocarbon storage tanks, avoiding accidental discharge of the stored hydrocarbons.

BTD (Bottom Tank Drainer) valve for automatic discharge of the water deposited at the bottom of the storage tanks and which closes automatically in the presence of hydrocarbons. We also produce a special version of the valve, PED-certified (Directive 97/23/EC), for pressure equipment.

The valves can be equipped with capacitance sensors able to discriminate the presence of water, air and hydrocarbons, complete with adapter and a local alert and data transmission system.

Multi-parameter pollutant monitoring system

The Automatic Multiline Industrial Gas Analyser (AMIGA) designed and constructed by our engineers, is a versatile system built with proven quality components to detect and measure gas concentrations in industrial environments by means of several acquisition lines.

AMIGA is designed to detect a wide range of gases (CO, H2S, O2, CH4 etc.) and can be adapted to various measurement uses.

The analyser is supplied with intuitive proprietary software that enables the operator to configure measuring sessions and visualise data in numerical form and as graphs/charts.

The lighting system for hazardous areas – zone 1/2 (gas) and/or zone 21/22 (dust) – is the latest LED technology-based patent developed by SARTEC.

A practical, easy to install and maintain product, delivering in one energy efficiency, safety and reliability.

Portable photovoltaic units.

These units, consisting of photovoltaic generator and storage batteries, are ideal in hard to reach places with no power supply. The photovoltaic module converts solar radiation into electrical energy which can be used directly or stored in batteries for subsequent use. All kits come with extractable PV panels, inverter and a charge controller which protects the batteries from overload.