The advanced qualifications, expertise and integration capacities of our multidisciplinary team
coupled with our robust logistics structure enable us
to plan and deliver equipment supplies, also on the basis of specific customer requirements,
and provide timely and efficient maintenance.

We provide skid-mounted plants for industry, including ‘turn-key’ solutions.

We handle the design and construction of skid-mounted systems for the oil and petro-chemical sectors, for example: blowdown gas recovery systems, filtering systems, chemical additive systems and other particular applications, developed ad hoc to customer specifications.

We are providers of engineering design, supply, configuration and start-up – also as EPC contractor (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) – of Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Emergency Shut-Down (ESD) systems and field instrumentation for industrial process automation, with a technology-independent approach.

We offer integrated projects for the development of automated blending systems for petrol and diesel fuels, including analysis instruments, chemometric models, blending correlation and automation software.

We provide products and systems to increase the energy efficiency of processes, such as LED lighting systems, heat recovery boilers, systems for improving the efficiency of steam and compressed air networks and electrical motors and systems.

We create technology solutions in the field of process analysis for industry.

We design and build monitoring systems in the following fields:

Air quality

Water quality

Emission control

For air quality and emission monitoring (CEM – Continuous Emission Monitoring) and water monitoring we design and manufacture ‘turn-key’ systems, including data acquisition, management and transmission systems.

Our main services/products:

Fixed monitoring station networks

Mobile air quality testing laboratories

Fence-line monitoring systems

Supply of analysers, analysis systems, dataloggers and data processing centres

Technical support services

We design and supply ‘turnkey’ systems for the detection of toxic and flammable gases at power stations and energy installations, chemical plants, oil refineries and petrochemical sites.

Our remediation services include removal of pollution sources and pollutants, and actions to reduce pollutant concentrations in soil, subsoil and groundwater to below CSC (Contamination Threshold Concentrations) or CSR (Risk Threshold Concentration) levels.

Hydraulic barriers are systems protecting a site from the contaminants present in soil or groundwater. The barrier isolates the contaminated areas.

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