We have developed a portfolio of consultancies and ready-to-deploy solutions enabling industries, services companies and public administrations to launch and maintain

a continuous improvement cycle in energy efficiency of production and operations

Energy efficiency targets are achieved through
a continuous cycle.
The cycle is continuous when a share of the savings delivered by a project is reinvested to develop new energy-efficiency projects.
We develop and implement

energy efficiency projects, from basic design to installation;
we also handle applications for obtaining White Certificates or Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC), and the sale of those certificates on the energy market.

Since 2010, we have developed and implemented projects that have allowed us to obtain 800,000 Energy Efficiency Credits (EEC), of which 100,000 EEC just in the years 2016-2018.
In the last two years, the value of each EEC has risen from € 100 to between € 200 and € 250.

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energy efficiency roadmap

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return of investiments

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smart energy

14 March 2016

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