By means of our energy audits

we perform technical analysis of power and heat consumption at the customer’s premises,

identifying problems and suggesting actions to rationalise the organisation’s energy profile,

so as to reduce input energy and hence energy costs


Energy audits include a broad range of energy studies: they start with preparation of an energy consumption inventory
leading to a more detailed study that identifies all possible energy rationalisation measures
that best fit the organisation’s profile and financial requirements.

Preliminary audit

The preliminary audit is a simpler, rapid assessment, performed to identify the key problem areas.

The main areas of energy wasting and inefficiency are identified by means of interviews with selected staff members, and by making an inventory o delle principali infrastrutture, of the main infrastructure components, power meters and other energy inputs. The data collected is then analysed and a brief report is produced outlining suggested corrective measures, estimated implementation costs, potential savings and period of return on investment.

General audit

The general audit includes collecting detailed information on infrastructure and
in-depth assessment of all the current energy saving measures at a given plant.

To assess the organisation’s energy demand and its energy use profile,
the data on metered consumption is collected over a period of 12 to 36 months
by means of additional measurements on energy-intensive plants and machinery.

In-depth interviews with operational staff are made to obtain a clear picture
of the systems’ energy consumption; daily and annual fluctuations in energy demand and consumption are analysed.

A detailed financial analysis is made for each proposed action, considering the estimated implementation costs and the specific savings for each plant, having regard to the type of investment preferred by the customer.
A sufficient level of detail to justify project implementation is provided.