Our multidisciplinary team

will allow you to minimise costs, increase profits and ‘green’ your business

by helping you launch a continuing energy efficiency improvement process, based on innovative solutions designed specifically to fit your production process


Guaranteed energy savings

We take on all technical risks

Safe investments

Fast and reliable return on investment through cost savings and the Energy Efficiency Certificates

Project financing

Projects can be implemented even in the absence of own financial resources


Energy audit to select energy efficiency actions

Identification of the baseline technical and economic conditions

Planning of the main energy efficiency actions


Consultancy on third-party financing

Consultancy on project financing

Energy Performance Contract

Consultancy on government incentives

Feasibility assessment and definition of new energy efficiency processes

Conceptual and executive design of the project

Regulatory compliance check

Identification of priority actions by cross-checking the project’s technical feasibility, size and pay back

Preparing the documents for the Energy Services Operator*, of the Project Proposals and Metering Programme for approval of the project and authorisation to issue the white certificates (EECs) that can be sold on the energy market

Handling the approval process of the project proposal and metering programmes submitted

The Energy Services Operator (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici – GSE S.p.A.) is an Italian company limited by shares owned by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. It promotes sustainable development through the technical-engineering upgrading and verification of renewable energy installations and high-efficiency CHP installations. GSE also measures and certifies the savings generated by energy efficiency projects under the White Certificate/Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC) scheme, and it promotes the generation of thermal energy from renewable energy sources (Thermal Account).

Executive design

Ordering and supply of materials

Development and installation

Plant commissioning and start-up

Data collection and analysis

Measurement of energy efficiency improvements and submission of the data to GSE-Energy Services Operator to obtain the Energy Efficiency Certificates

Management and maintenance of the plants and/or equipment

Sale of the Energy Efficiency Certificates on the market

Energy savings