We provide software application design, deployment and maintenance services for the control of industrial processes, as well as training and consultancy services to optimise plant operation.


Our commitment to implementing advanced control
and optimisation systems,

with payback times of just a few months,

enables us to deliver significant results for our clients.



We have designed specific technical proposals and financial instruments for automated
distance monitoring and management of electrical power, gas and water flows.

The benefits of smart metering systems

network management

identification of the technical and commercial losses

consumption tracking

of energy efficiency and rational use of resources

Our smart metering projects

create the most appropriate configuration for the communication network architecture and resolve metrology issues
relating to static or dynamic measurements, volume conversion and periodic checks.



All automated processes rely on disturbance-free power supply.

Power Quality plays a key role in preventing equipment malfunction or process interruption
with the attendant damage caused by excessive energy costs or complete interruption of supply.

Through analysis of the control configuration and the process data, we assess the performance of basic control
and implement the appropriate improvements, including control design upgrades and
loop tuning.

The development of base control is often a very low-cost action, which delivers immediate monetary benefits
and constitutes the first step in the success of any advanced control and optimisation system.

Power Quality


has been defined by the CIGRE Study Committee with regard to two characteristic aspects of mains voltage.

Voltage Continuity

is a very important aspect with regard to the performance required by electrical grid users.

Industrial plants operating in continuous production mode or with equipment having costly switch-on procedures require continuous power supply and even a brief interruption in network supply can cause
heavy financial loss.


Voltage Quality

measures the closeness of the actual to the ideal waveform.

This voltage characteristic concerns the presence of disruptions, i.e. events altering the ideal grid conditions.
The elements assessed include: frequency , and amplitude of the fundamental wave (effective value), harmonic content (waveform) and phase correlation between the various voltages of the multi-phase system.