Air, water, soil, energy efficiency, automation and environmental compliance:

We have built extensive experience on these issues, with innovative projects and constantly evolving cutting-edge technologies.
These action areas cut across and support the production processes of all businesses: optimising the use of these resources is a key priority for every company.


We have an integrated approach that includes: industrial engineering for cost-effective management of production processes in each sector,

from the manufacturing industry to public authorities; environmental engineering to optimise resource efficiency and productivity.


We provide custom-designed solutions, based on analysis of each company’s specific needs.

They range from feasibility studies to engineering, from realisation and supply to operation and assistance, also with guaranteed performance-based contracts.


Thus we relieve our customers of the management of non-core company processes.


Entrepreneurs, companies and production plants focus on their business.
SARTEC designs, develops and provides innovative resource efficiency solutions for industrial companies, the services sector and public authorities.


Sartec offers studies, consultancy and highly qualified operational activities to improve the environmental performance of production activities and for environmental status control. They include monitoring, remediation, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Integrated Environmental Authorisations (IEA) and Environmental Due Diligence (EDD).


Sartec’s offer ranges from engineering to industrial supplies up to plant start-up and maintenance services.
In the field of industrial process automation, our offer includes, for example, field measurement systems, process analysis systems, DCS, ESD, fire&gas, control and advanced control room, and the development of decision support systems.