Planning and Optimization

Detailed refinery operations modelling
LP model advanced outcomes:
Investigation of trade offs between processing and sale of crudes and feedstocks
Definition of the best value for product sales and optimal recipes
Studies about new intermediate streams routing for margin improvement
Develop long range Refinery studies with respect to:
New product specification driven by new laws
Different product demand
New technology applications
Support the refinery in setting targets for crude and products
Support the development of a refinery target configuration for future needs exploiting the current process facilities
View of the pilot plant room


Scheduling models development for day-to-day optimization:
Optimal crude segregation strategy and replenishment
Manage operational disruptions in order to reduce lost opportunities
Optimize product blend avoiding expensive give aways or reblendings
Screenshot of the control monitors during a process simulation phase
planning & schedulingplanning & scheduling
planning & schedulingplanning & scheduling
planning & schedulingplanning & scheduling