Refinery assessment and quick wins

Process configuration
Appraisal of process units and utilities systems
Identification and analysis of bottlenecks
Low/no capex debottlenecking options
Maintenance and inspection best practices
Tank farm assessment

Profitability and Performance Improvement

KPI definitions and monitoring in several refining key operations areas:

Cash operating expenses and margin
Reliability and Maintenance
Energy optimization
Oil losses
Refinery utilization and availability
Identify the performance gap versus industry leaders
Develop with the Refinery gap closure plans:
Improvements with a better use and management of all the available resources and facilities
Minor investments for upgrading the day by day operations and practices
Identification of structural inefficiencies and improvement roadmap definition
Process engineering is supported by a modern chemical laboratory and hydroprocessing pilot plants:
Catalyst performance evaluation
Feedstock quality impact on process performance
Process optimization
Selection of the most appropriate technology in complex projects as owner representative

Depending on the current refinery configuration and performance, a comprehensive improvement plan can yield up to 1-2 $ / BBL

Energy optimization

Energy cost often represents more than 50% of cash operating expenses in a typical Refinery
Energy consumption is evaluated using the Solomon Associates methodology
Identification of gaps versus best performers
Gap closure plans development
Tracking of improvement plans results

Technical Assistance and Troubleshooting

Scheduled turnarounds and units’ start-up
Technical services:
catalyst monitoring
fractionation monitoring
hydrogen balance
Assistance to the Refinery staff during the take off phase of improvement programs
Operating problems analysis to identify best solution and assistance in implementation

Reliability and maintenance optimization

Review of maintenance work practices in use
Resource usage optimization
Implementation of reliability practices (Asset Management):
Risk Based inspection (RBI)
Fitness for Service assessment (API 579)
Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
Software selection and implementation
Review and optimization of turnaround practices and sequences
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