We have developed an integrated management system for the hydraulic barrier
with checks on both operating parameters (which can be fully managed remotely),
and maintenance parameters (anomalies and blockages on the Barrier’s functional units).

The main advantages delivered by this system include:

fast and effective remote monitoring of the hydraulic barrier

lower operating costs thanks to high integration and centralisation

lower maintenance costs

much faster response time

Our integrated system brings together three main functions

control of the amount of water drawn from each well and the wells’ piezometric levels

control of Hydrocarbon (HC) recovery systems (Skimmer)

collection, separation, measurement and recovery of hydrocarbons (HCs)


The entire system is controlled by a network of PLCs (programmable logic controllers) located near the well drilling sites and controlled by a SCADA system (System Control And Data Acquisition) for centralised management of all Barrier control parameters.


Hydraulic efficiency assessment

measurement of the quantities of water drawn and of the volumes of extracted contaminants

measurement of piezometric levels and water/NAPL interface

reconstruction of the piezometric surface

definition of the catchment front

reconstruction of the NAPL plume

management of pumping configurations

Example of NAPL plume reconstruction
Isoconcentration map

Verification of hydrochemical effectiveness

groundwater sampling and testing

graphic plotting of the spatial and temporal distribution of contaminants

assessment of the evolution of contamination (isoconcentration maps)

To assess the hydrochemical effectiveness of the hydraulic barrier we use an operational protocol that includes:

estimate of the mass of contaminant removed from each well

concentration/time plotting for the target parameters measured by the piezometers

basic statistical calculations on concentration values measured at all the monitored piezometers

calculation of the cumulated frequency of the concentrations of each contaminant measured at all piezometers monitored

isoconcentration maps

Our hydraulic barrier maintenance services include:

preparation of maintenance schedules

maintenance of pumping system, wells and piezometers

spare parts inventory management

preparing reports

periodic analysis of operational disruptions

Steps in the design and deployment of a hydraulic barrier.

A hydraulic barrier protects a site from the contaminants present in soil or groundwater.

The barrier isolates the contaminated areas.

Aquifer cleanup

hydraulic barriershydraulic barriers
hydraulic barriershydraulic barriers
hydraulic barriershydraulic barriers