We produce studies and projects
for the efficient use, treatment and control of industrial water

Some of our projects:

treatment system
for Syndial

system of groundwater
extraction wells
for Sarlux

dual pump

skid for river water
for Edison

SARTEC designs and constructs at its plant
SKIDs for the oil and petrochemical industry:

blowdown gas recovery systems;
filtering systems, chemical additive systems
and other applications, developed ad hoc to the client’s specifications.

For these supplies, we handle the following activities:

project management

feasibility studies

process engineering, front-end engineering and detailed design

materials procurement

prefabrication and assembly

non-destructive testing and acceptance testing

PED/ATEX certification (where required)

preparation for transport to installation sites

assistance for commissioning

startup of package plants.


SARTEC designs and constructs automated valves, sensitive to the different densities of two fluids, useful in applications in which hydrocarbons and water are present.


We have developed two standard models:

RTD (Roof Tank Drainer) valve for draining rainwater from the roofs of the hydrocarbon storage tanks, avoiding accidental discharge of the stored hydrocarbons.

BTD (Bottom Tank Drainer) valve for automatic discharge of the water deposited at the bottom of the storage tanks and which closes automatically in the presence of hydrocarbons. We also produce a special version of the valve, PED-certified (Directive 97/23/EC), for pressure equipment.


The valves can be equipped with capacitance sensors able to discriminate the presence of water, air and hydrocarbons, complete with adapter and a local alert and data transmission system.

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water treatment systemswater treatment systems
water treatment systemswater treatment systems
water treatment systemswater treatment systems